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Customer Description Form

We greatly desire to show you a property - but we haven't met you yet...
For our mutual safety, we need to be able to identify you ahead of time.

This helps us... know who to look for. not provide a showing to the wrong individual(s). sift out people with nefarious intent.

We understand if you don't feel comfortable sharing your info - Imagine how we feel, showing up to a home to complete strangers in a world where sex-trafficking, rape, murder, etc., are a reality.
In order to accommodate last minute showings to the general public, we respectfully require the following small amount of info.
Please rest assured that we are 100% commited to your privacy and will not share your information. If you ultimately don't feel comfortable, we understand and can meet you another time to get aquainted or we can attempt to refer you to a different showing licensee.

(Please limit the amount of people to no more than 3 adults and 3 children.)
* Denotes Required Field




By submitting this form, I agree to park my vehicle on the driveway closest to the home or property to be shown.
There will be no more than 7 people total in my group - 3 adults, 4 children.
When the real estate licensee arrives, if my information provided herein doesn't match what they see, (i.e. license plate #, picture, etc.), they will drive away.
It may take up to two mintues for this form to send depending on the strength of your internet connection.
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