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Ervin and Brandy Malcuit (a husband & wife team), formerly known as "Malcuit Duo" with eXp Realty. They have been married to each other for over 20 years, and have 10 amazing children (yes, all theirs). As successful business owners for more than 20 years, they have found what they love in life - PEOPLE! People, to them, are what define success. Now, with some of their children coming of age and joining in the family business of real estate, they have rebranded to be known as the AblazeAboutAlaskaGroup and are looking forward to serving you for many years to come!
YOUR home... built like it grew there.
Maple Construction, LLC

Welcome. . . to my passion!
Maple Construction has been building custom homes in Alaska since 2008. Inspired by  a family sculptor, we have benefited from this gift by learning to build homes that captivate and woo the senses.  Our vision is to impact the world by providing desirable dwellings that are TOP of the line, modern, and cozy for any family or individual to live in. We put our whole heart into designing and building of each home. We love the culture of new homes constructed around the world and view building modern homes as a way of touching the future with an amazing legacy. We provide home-buyers an opportunity to invest in their dreams with class and a sensation of flavor.
Fonov Construction, LLC

Manny's expertise is in marketing and real estate photography. Licensed to fly Small Unamanned Aerial Systems (sUAS/Drones), he is able to capture the essence of a home or property from the sky to the ground. Manny is the owner/operator of Alaska Drone Pics which services his and Brandy's clients,  other local REALTORS(R), and For Sale By Owner (FSBO) clients. Visit
Manny also has a big heart for people and a HUGE love for his family.

Phone :- +1 907 631 9020

Alaska Drone Pics

OWNER/OPERATORS (Professional, full-service, real estate photography)

As owners of Alaska Drone Pics, we know how to maximize and market your home strategically and efficiently. We use professional quality sUAS's (drones), camera gear, and an affluence of experience in photography software/marketing platforms. Check out our work at
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