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State Of Alaska Residential Real Property Transfer Disclosure Statement

State of Alaska
Residential Real Property Transfer Disclosure Statement:
Prepared in compliance with Alaska Statute (AS) 34.70.010 - 34.70.200
AS 34.70.010 requires that before the Transferee/Buyer (hereafter referred to as Buyer) of an interest in residential real property makes a written offer, the Transferor/Seller (hereafter referred to as Seller) must deliver a completed written disclosure form. This disclosure statement is in compliance with AS 34.70.010. It concerns the residential real property* located in the ____PALMER____ Recording District, ____THIRD____ Judical District, State of Alaska.
* Denotes Required Field

*Residential real property means any single family dwelling, or two single family dwelling units under one roof, or any individual unit in a multi-unit structure or common interest ownership community whose primary purpose is to provide housing. AS 34.70.200(2) and (3).
AS 34.70.020 provides that if a disclosure statement or material amendment is delivered to the transferee after the transferee has made a written offer, the transferee may terminate the offer by delivering a written notice of termination to the transferor or the transferor’s licensee within three days after the disclosure statement or amendment is delivered in person or within six days after the disclosure statement or amendment is delivered by deposit in the mail.
AS 34.70.040(b) provides that if an item that must be completed in the disclosure statement is unknown or is unavailable to the Seller, and if the Seller or Seller’s agent has made a reasonable effort to ascertain the information, the Seller may make an approximation based on the best information available to the Seller or Seller’s agent. It must be reasonable, clearly labeled as an approximation, and not used to avoid the disclosure requirements of AS 34.70.010 – AS 34.70.200.
All disclosures made in this statement are required to be made in good faith (AS 34.70.060). The Seller is required to disclose defects or other conditions in the real property or the real property interest being transferred. To comply, disclosure need not include a search of the public records, nor does it require a professional inspection of the property.
If the information supplied in this disclosure statement becomes inaccurate as a result of an act or agreement after the disclosure statement is delivered to the Buyer, the Seller is required to deliver an amendment to the disclosure statement to the Buyer. An addendum/amendment form for that purpose may be attached to this disclosure statement.
Upon delivery to a buyer, any inspection/reports generated by a purchase agreement of this property automatically becomes an addendum/amendment to the property disclosure.
Exemption for First Sale: Under AS 34.70.120, the first transfer of an interest in residential real property that has never been occupied is exempt from the requirement for the Seller to complete the Disclosure Statement.
Waiver by Agreement: Under AS 34.70.110, completion of this disclosure statement may be waived when transferring an interest in residential real property if the Seller and Buyer agree in writing. Signing this waiver does not affect other obligations for disclosure.
Violation or Failure to Comply: A person who negligently violates or fails to perform a duty required by AS 34.70.010 - AS 34.70.200 is liable to the Buyer for actual damages suffered by the Buyer as a result of the violation or failure. If the person willfully violates or fails to perform a duty required by AS 34.70.010 -AS 34.70.200, the Seller is liable to the Buyer for up to three times the actual damages. In addition to the damages, a court may also award the Buyer costs and attorney fees to the extent allowed under the rules of court.

Single Family
Zero Lot Line/Town House
Duplex (Including Sinlge Family with an Apartment)
Other (Please specify below)



If property was built prior to 1978, or if Seller has any knowledge of lead-based paint, Seller must complete Disclosure of Information and Acknowledgment of Lead-based Paint and/or Lead-based Paint Hazards in accordance with Section 1018 of the Residential Lead Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992 (also known as Title X) and provide Buyer with the “Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home” pamphlet. The pamphlet can be found on the Internet at

Wood Frame
Other: (enter below)

Masonry Block
Poured Concrete
Treated Wood
Other: (enter below)

CHECK all items that are built-in and will remain with the property. Also...
CHECK those checked items that have known defects or malfunctions. Also...
Describe the defect or malfunction on the Addendum/Amendment(s) To The Disclosure Statement.

  - Cooktop known defect?
  - Oven known defect?
 Rods & Blinds
  - Rods & Blinds known defect?
  - Microwave(s) known defect?
  - Diswasher known defect?
 Trash Compactor
  - Trash Compactor known defect?
 Garbage Disposal
  - Trash Compactor known defect?
 Instant Hot Water Dispenser
  - Instant Hot Water Dispenser known defect?
 Central Vacuum Installed
  - Central Vacuum Installed known defect?
  - Intercom known defect?
 Paddle Fan(s)
  - Paddle Fan(s) known defect?
 Wood Stove(s)
  - Wood Stove(s) known defect?
 Jetted Tub
  - Jetted Tub known defect?
 Hot Tub
  - Hot Tub known defect?
 Hot Tub Cover
 Steam Shower Room
  - Steam Shower Room known defect?
 Water Softener
  - Water Softener known defect?
 Water Filtering System
  - Water Filtering System known defect?
 Greenhouse Attached
  - Greenhouse Attached known defect?
 Greenhouse Detached
  - Greenhouse Detached known defect?
 Greenhouse Ventilating System
  - Greenhouse Ventilating System known defect?
 Greenhouse Heating System
  - Greenhouse Heating System known defect?
 Storage Shed(s)
  - Storage Shed(s) known defect?
 Built-In Barbecue
  - Built-In Barbecue known defect?
 T.V. Antenna
  - T.V. Antenna known defect?
 Satellite Dish
  - Satellite Dish known defect?
 Window Screens
  - Window Screens known defect?
 Security System
  - Security System known defect?
 Smoke Detector(s)
  - Smoke Detector(s) known defect?
 CO Detectors
  - CO Detectors known defect?
 Fire Alarms
  - Fire Alarms known defect?
 Auto Garage Door Opener(s)
  - Auto Garage Door Opener(s) known defect?
 Built-In Refrigerator
  - Built-In Refrigerator known defect?
 Other (enter below)
  - Other (enter below) known defect

CHECK only those items that have KNOWN DEFECTS, MALFUNCTIONS or have had MAJOR REPAIRS performed within the last five years.
Also.... DESCRIBE the defect, malfunction, or repairs on the Addendum/Amendment(s) To The Disclosure Statement.

 Private Walkways
 Retaining Walls
 Crawl Space
 Rain Gutters
 Exterior Walls
 Interior Walls
 Woodstove(s) (mark # below)
 Fireplace(s) (mark # below)
 Gas Starter
 Plumbing Systems
 Heating Systems
 Solar Panels
 Wind Generators
 Electrical Systems
 Sewage Systems
 Water Supply
 Garage Floor Drain
 Washer/Dryer Hook-ups
 Air Conditioner
 Electronic Air Cleaner
 Heat Recovery
 Ventilator System
 Swimming Pool
 Pool Cover
 Hot Water Heater

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